Zurich’s reputation for world-class (and world-pricey) dining shouldn’t deter budget-conscious travelers. This charming Swiss city offers a surprising array of delicious and affordable eats if you know where to look. Here’s a guide to Zurich’s tasty side without breaking the bank:

Street Food Stars

  • Sternen Grill: This iconic Bellevue institution is the king of Zurich street food. Order their famous bratwurst sausage in a crusty roll with a generous slathering of their extra-spicy mustard. A Zurich must-try!
  • Palestine Grill: Craving something different? Indulge in a fantastic falafel sandwich or hummus plate from this beloved Middle Eastern spot.
  • Tibits: This vegetarian buffet chain is perfect for a healthy, satisfying meal. You pay by weight, so you can sample a bit of everything without emptying your wallet.

Local Delights, Casual Prices

  • Zeughauskeller: This historic beer hall serves up hearty Swiss classics. Think sausages, rosti (potato pancakes), and cheese dishes. It has a lively atmosphere and decent prices for Zurich.
  • Achi: Head to Achi for modern Chinese cuisine and generous portions. Their crispy duck is a favorite, and their Thai selections are just as tasty.
  • Haus Hiltl: The world’s oldest continuously run vegetarian restaurant, Haus Hiltl is a Zurich legend. Stop by for their vast buffet or visit their takeaway counter for budget-friendly options.

Grocery Store Gems

When you need to keep costs extra low, hit up some local grocery stores:

  • Migros and Coop: Switzerland’s two major supermarket chains are your friends. Look for fresh sandwiches, salads, and prepared foods, including the iconic Bircher muesli (oats soaked in milk and fruit) that Switzerland invented.
  • Local bakeries: Swiss bread is excellent. Grab a loaf, some Appenzeller cheese, and fresh produce, and you’ve got the perfect park picnic for a fraction of restaurant prices.
  • Chocolate: Switzerland is synonymous with exquisite chocolate, and stores offer a vast range at surprisingly reasonable prices for such quality.

Additional Tips

  • Drink tap water: Swiss tap water is safe and delicious, saving you significant money on bottled water.
  • Lunch specials: Many restaurants offer lunch menus at much lower prices than dinner.
  • Fountain hopping: Zurich has countless fresh-water fountains throughout the city. Bring a reusable bottle to stay hydrated for free.

Remember, you don’t have to sacrifice fantastic food experiences to explore Zurich on a budget!

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