Barcelona’s vibrant spirit extends beyond its architectural marvels and sun-drenched beaches. The city boasts a diverse bar scene, catering to every taste and mood. Whether you seek a hidden speakeasy, a rooftop bar with panoramic views, or a lively spot for craft beers, Barcelona has something for you.

For the Cocktail Connoisseur:

  • Paradiso: This speakeasy-style bar, disguised as a pastrami shop, is a must-visit for cocktail enthusiasts. Enter through a refrigerator door to discover a dimly lit haven, where bartenders craft innovative cocktails using fresh ingredients and theatrical flair. Reservations are highly recommended.
  • Dry Martini: Step back in time at this elegant bar, established in 1931. Renowned for its expertly crafted classic and signature martinis, Dry Martini is perfect for a sophisticated evening.
  • El Bosc de les Fades (The Fairy Forest): Escape the ordinary at this whimsical bar, adorned with enchanting forest-themed decor. Sip on creative cocktails with playful names and unique presentations while surrounded by a magical atmosphere.
The captivating atmosphere of Paradiso

For the Craft Beer Lover:

  • CocoVail Beer Hall: This American-style beer hall offers a wide selection of local and international craft beers on tap. Enjoy a casual atmosphere, friendly staff, and delicious pub fare alongside your brew.
  • Bar Marsella: This historic bar, established in 1820, is a favorite among locals and craft beer enthusiasts. Soak in the traditional atmosphere while sampling a diverse selection of craft beers on tap and in bottles.
  • BrewDog Barcelona: Fans of the Scottish brewing giant will rejoice at their Barcelona location. Sample their signature brews alongside limited-edition offerings and seasonal specials, all in a lively and welcoming setting.

For the Rooftop Reveler:

  • Sky Bar: Perched atop the Hotel Raval, Sky Bar offers breathtaking 360-degree views of the city skyline. Enjoy handcrafted cocktails, tapas, and live music while taking in the panoramic vistas, especially at sunset.
  • The Rooftop at Casa Calvet: This elegant rooftop bar, located on top of a modernist building, offers stunning views of the city and the Sagrada Familia. Sip on classic and innovative cocktails while enjoying the stylish ambiance and live DJ sets.
  • Hotel 1898 Rooftop Bar: This luxurious bar, located on the rooftop of the Hotel 1898, offers a sophisticated setting with panoramic views of the city and the harbor. Relax in plush seating and savor handcrafted cocktails and delicious tapas.

Beyond the List:

For a truly unique experience, venture beyond the mainstream and explore hidden gems in neighborhoods like El Born and Gràcia. Barcelona’s bar scene is constantly evolving, so keep an eye out for new and exciting spots to discover.

Remember, responsible drinking is crucial. Enjoy Barcelona’s vibrant bar scene in moderation and always have a plan to get home safely.

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